Our Work

1. PesaSmart CARD GAME

Pesa smart is a financial literacy card game that can be used as a training tool and can also be played at the household level for fun. It is interactive and simple to learn. The game was developed with support from the Central Bank of Uganda and GIZ, the German international agency.
It has been used since 2016 by two of Uganda’s largest banks: DFCU and Stanbic as the core tool for business financial literacy training. It has also been United Nations Capital Development Fund, Challenges Uganda, Amarin Financials, Mountains of Moon University among others.

2. Financial Literacy E-Learning Course

The course covers the core financial literacy topics in seven modules and mainly targets the working population. Each session has a classic e-learning sound file and an animation so that the learner can choose the most convenient manner of learning.

3. Business Strategy

We provide customized business solutions to enable businesses to grow and stay competitive. With our rich network across government and private sector, we are able to provide the right fit of solutions and networks to entrepreneurs and organisations in their search for growth. Our customized suit of services has been provided to various African and European firms located in Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Belgium and Germany. We provide customized services to clear hurdles involved in setting up and completing business transactions and hurdles at all levels of the economy.

4. Kula Youth Business Incubation Program

The key concept driving Kula is that start-up seed funding of less than 200 Euro coupled with training and mentoring can lead to sustainable growing businesses led and run by youth. As such Kula trains and invests in promising business for an agreed stake in the business for a long-term business relationship with an aim of stabilizing the businesses to become attractive to large round investors. We have worked with several start-ups since 2017 under this program under the following 5 step model;

Through one on one and group sessions, youth develop a feasible idea that is easy to start and has potential to scale.

Provide phased seed funding for ventures that show promise. Ventures with two or more founders given funding over the course of three years to start and grow.

Provide mentoring to ventures. All funded ventures receive a mentor to guide the ventures for three years. The mentor guides the entrepreneurs through the different hurdles and helps the business to evolve to take full advantage of opportunities. The mentor helps the venture develop adequate internal financial, tracking and management systems

Provide optional confidential counseling for all youth that go through the training. All youths that receive funding will be required to do one session of counseling atleast once a year. A 2015 study “HIGH RISK STUDY AMONG SLUM YOUTHS IN KAMPALA CITY” conducted by Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) in selected slums among youth in Kampala found 75% reported sadness and 44% reported that they expect to die before the age of 30.

Provide a platform where the ventures can reach each other directly and collaborate. All youth who have passed through the training will have access to the platform so that they can have first option to employment opportunities that are created by the ventures. Platform is in testing stage.