Innovent Consult Ltd is a full-service financial literacy and business management consultancy specializing in aspects of financial inclusion and business growth. Innovent focuses on designing, developing and implementing compelling and impactful programs, tools, research, program evaluations and campaigns involving personal and business finance. We also provide strategic direction and tactical support to organisations contemplating their overall approach to consumer financial education.


To accelerate the pace of financial inclusion to improve people’s livelihoods


PesaSmart is an award winning fun money game.
PesaSmart is an interactive group physical card game. PesaSmart is turn based giving each player a chance to prove their money intelligence. Each player gets numerous chances to manage their income and resources to reach their financial goals.


Value and repeat clients

A few months ago Innovent Consult Uganda did a demonstration for a client on PesaSmart. The client is active in farmer organisation and had tremendous success in improving farmer yields and incomes. …

Culture and communication

Over a month ago, an American company wanted to partner with a Ugandan university in some technical research project. Their Ugandan Rep reached out to me and we decided to …

Equity and social capital

Today I bumped into a group of entrepreneurs in Kampala who have found a way around expensive operating capital issues by forming a social network of established and growing business …