About Us

An overview of Innovent history and how you will benefit from us.

Innovent Consult Ltd is a full-service financial literacy and business management consultancy specializing in aspects of financial inclusion and business growth. Innovent focuses on designing, developing and implementing compelling and impactful programs, tools, research, program evaluations and campaigns involving personal and business finance. We also provide strategic direction and tactical support to organisations contemplating their overall approach to consumer financial education.

Our Mission

To accelerate the pace of financial inclusion to improve people’s livelihoods

What we do

Our name is a fusion of the two leading factors that drive our programs and tools: Innovation and Invention. Innovent has harnessed its deep experience in this field and the best academic research to imagine and execute innovative methods, approaches, and products to help organizations change consumer conduct with maximum effect and minimum cost. Specifically, we offer the following services:

  1. Financial Literacy Program design and evaluation
  2. Innovative financial education tools and resources
  3. Business Linkages and Strategy Design
  4. Remote Business-Start up Incubation

Progress towards financial inclusion depends on innovations in technology, education, regulation, and business models. We work on the ground with businesses, banks, NGOs, and technology providers to design economically sustainable program models capable of quickly reaching scale and achieving impact. We also facilitate cross-sector collaborations and help these high level partnerships analyze and understand economic and regulatory barriers, align stakeholder interests, develop solutions, reach hard-to-serve communities, and deliver tangible impact.

We also carry out Training of Trainers and specialized financial literacy training, team bonding exercises, strategy development sessions, radio campaigns with toolkits and readymade skits, and manuals among others.

How we work